Would you Like to Improve the Condition of Your Business?

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Are you and your business in Tip Top Condition?

Are You and Your Business in Tip Top Condition?

How often do you step back and evaluate the condition of your business?  I don’t just mean assessing the state of its bottom line, I mean giving it a thorough going-over –

Asking yourself questions such as:

  • Who are my clients – am I happy to be working with them?
  • How well do I work with them?  Could I communicate more effectively?
  • How easy is it for potential clients to find me?  How do I know?
  • As I am my business, how well am I looking after myself? Do I feel healthy and motivated?
  • Why exactly am I running this business?
  • How do I spend my time?  Am I trying to be jack of all trades?
  • What is my financial goal – is it clear and is it motivating me?

Taking time to consider the condition of your business and stepping back to think about how you could improve it can often feel like a low priority, when there is so much to be done, but it is one of the keys to running a successful and healthy business.

Six of our Athena members have come together to form a dynamic strategic alliance of expertise and will be sharing that expertise on 9th July at an already popular Business Conditioning Workshop.   We asked each of these experts to offer our readers a Top Tip, which we are delighted to share with you here.

Grainne Ridge from Business Fit Club:

“Keep checking that you are doing what you are best at – both as a business and within your business. That means saying no to work which isn’t a good fit with your product or your skills and outsourcing the tasks in your business that you’re not skilled at.”

Stephanie Smith from Stephanie Smith Coaching:

“Be very clear about what is unique about you and the way you do business.  Each of us IS unique so, by association, how we do business will be unique too.  Put your uniqueness in to words and get confident talking about it.  Once you are clear and confident about that, others will see it in everything you do and say – it will become part of your brand and set you apart from your competition”.

June Dean from The Elevation Factor:

“The key to successful marketing is monitoring everything thing you do, especially the return on your time and investment.

On-line you can use free Google Analytics to track visitors to your website, what they were searching for and what pages they visit.  However one the simplest forms of monitoring is just to ask the question “Where did you hear of us?” – keep a note and the review at the end of each month”.

Juliette Smith from The Relationship Coaches:

“Regardless of how someone speaks to you, what someone does or how unreasonable you think they or their requests are, remember that you are responsible for your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. If you behave and speak in a way that honours your values and reflects who you truly are (regardless of how the other person is behaving), that’s you, being the best you can be.  Try it and notice the influence it has on others and your relationships with them”.

Ellie Barnes from Barnes Fitness:

“Having a conditioned body can most definitely help keep you business in peak condition. Taking some time away from your desk to move your body can have so many benefits including increased levels of endorphins (feel good hormones), uninterrupted thinking time & a great stress buster. Plan exercise as a meeting in your diary….try it at the start of the day and see how virtuous and energised you feel for the rest of the day”.

Josephine Blythe from St. James’s Place Wealth Management:

“All the hard work you put into your business should probably show on your bottom line. There are many things that motivate business people but without a profit they won’t be in business for long. It is really important to set clear financial goals for your business and for yourself and to look at the future and be clear about your exit strategy – even if you have only started out. Start with the end in mind – plan for a comfortable retirement, plan for the unforeseen changes that could scupper your business and personal plans and most importantly make sure you are keeping some of the fruits of your hard labour”.

If you would like to join these experts for a morning of Business Conditioning presentations and discussion, you can book your place by clicking here.

Early Birds who book before June 9th will secure a reduced price ticket.

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