September’s Networking Tip – Dare to Dream!

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dream-big-miniDo you ever have those moments where you think about your business and wonder…

“What would it be like if……”

And then, usually, we tell ourselves it’s ridiculous, a pipe-dream, like winning the lottery.  Perhaps we start thinking about how people would mock us for thinking about something so big, how they’d tell us we were crazy or getting too big for our boots – or worse, not tell us that but just THINK it about us – horrors!!

Well, what if you did hold on to that thought for a bit longer?  And what if you shared that thought with someone else – someone you trust, perhaps one of your networking connections?  And what if they didn’t laugh?  What if they agreed with you and perhaps even had some ideas about how it could work? What if it transformed from a dream in to a goal and from a goal in to reality?  YES!

Athena member Samantha Pilling of Biteme Bakery did just that.  She asked for an introduction to a celebrity who wanted a wedding cake designed.  A few months on and, “Ta da!”; her creation is gracing the pages of Hello magazine! Click here to see the results.

successSo, this tip is to dare to dream and, even more than that, tell someone about it.  A great network is there to support you and to believe in your dreams and hold you to them even if you doubt them every once in a while.

I’m looking forward to hearing some big dreams and exciting goals for the rest of the year!

By Stephanie Smith, Stephanie Smith Coaching


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