Is there More for You to Learn?

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Whether as a business person or as a human being travelling this life, there is always value in learning.

It gives us the opportunity to expand our perspective which, in turn, gives us more choices.  It helps us deepen our understanding and consequently have a greater chance of making informed and appropriate choices for ourselves.Jefferson

Intrinsic in The Athena Network’s raison d’être is support for our members’ learning and growth through training and development.  Hence our delivery of two training sessions at every meeting; a free networking strategy training for every member and the support for our members who offer training as a way of sharing their knowledge and expertise

How much training, development or coaching have you benefitted from this year?

If the answer is none or little, I encourage you to think about the difference it would make to you, your life and your business.  For instance, would the following changes in your life make a difference to your success and happiness? And if so, would some support in achieving them be of value?

  •  Decreased stress levels

Knowing your weaknesses and doing something about them will reduce stress, as will focussing on your strengths.

  • Increased emotional intelligence

Being aware of and able to manage your fears and emotional reactions could lower stress levels. Effective business leaders need to be able to manage their emotions and not let them get in the way of making sound judgments

  • Improved work life balance

Prioritising what is truly important to you can have significant effects on your health, your family, your success and your fulfilment.

  •  Clear plans for the future

If you know where you’re heading and why – it’s much easier to be clear on your goals.

  • More motivation and energy

Finding the time and motivation for exercise and healthy eating, can appear a challenge but can you afford not to?  What gets in the way of you prioritising this?

  •  Easier attraction of more clients

If you already have more than enough clients – congratulations.  However, if you think there are more clients out there for you, but you are challenged to reach them, perhaps it’s time to find out how, by doing something different.

  •  Clarity on how to network successfully

Many people think they know how to network but rarely reflect on how their current approach to networking could be improved.  There are countless ways of learning more about networking.

If you’ve still not made the above changes on your own, why not seek the support of someone who can guide and motivate you?  Even if you learned to do just one of them differently, it could change your business and your life.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.

We’d be happy to introduce you to numerous experts who can help you.  The Athena Network has them in abundance.

Alternatively, just click here for a great place to start .

Juliette Smith, Relationship Coach

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